Thursday, March 29, 2007

Surely, this isn't cricket!

Been a bit busy with work and the Cricket World Cup. So no blog posts the last few days. Sorry, and all that. There is no excuse for India’s sorry performance, I think. Disgusting. What’s this I feel about our team, one of the most lionized, wined, and spoiled teams ever in any sport? Mama’s boys not fit for the big world of competitive sport, petulant, conscious of themselves and emotional in the extreme. To this add “unprofessional.”

What’s wrong with cricket is what’s wrong with India. Too many opinionated people interfering, too many ego trips, in short, too many prima donnas. Look at Sachin, Saurav, Dravid on the field. They don’t seem to be speaking to each other. Even the Bangla Desh “minnows” looked more like a cohesive team, with something called “team spirit.” Now, our boys would ask, what’s that? They looked disoriented with their designer glasses, hairdos and their auras. Nothing looked right with the Sri Lankans, nothing ever looked right against the Bangla Deshis. Defeat was written on their faces.

Is it ethical to have a bunch highly paid losers hold the country to ransom, become subject of hours of wasted discussions? Is it ethical to make them brand ambassadors to promote products? Our performance just proves that it isn’t. And those disappointed geezers such as yours truly, wallowing in the mire of their defeat, even killing themselves. Surely we take cricket too seriously.

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