Friday, December 15, 2006

Joel on Software, and the Kurla Foot Overbridge

See what Joel Spolsky has to say on elegance in software design in this article (Link to Joel on Software). Have always been a great admirer of his. The style is lucid, the witticisms makes my stomach wiggle (so much the better to control the paunch!).

Today,  I have shot a great video of the Kurla railway station foot overbridge (FOB). The act was very risky. I could be beaten up by someone who may have had a bad night because of a drinking problem, or a fight with girlfriend or wife; or I could have lost my expensive (by my standards) Nikon Coolpix L3 camera; I could have been trampled in the crowd in the process; I could have been stared at and abused, with choice Bambaiya invectives.

Mercifully, none of these happened. Thank god!

You will see what commuting in Bombay is all about, and what people such as me go through in the craze to get to their work place. The city is exploding with people, they are everywhere, on top of trains, hanging to windows, balancing in between two bogies. Dangerous, I know, but we lead dangerous lives.

Hope to post it here soon, so watch out people.


vadakkan said...

looking forward to seeing that bridge again. Is this the bridge that takes you from Kurla(E) to Kurla(W). I remember half the bridge was taken up by vendors. Anyway..good times :)

BTW...check out for your daily dose of tech/desi cartoons. I met Francis couple of weeks ago at our mallu church christmas function here in st.louis, MO. I have been hooked ever since.

John said...

Hi Vadakkan,

Yes the same one. is a howl. will go through it in details soon.