Sunday, December 03, 2006

Face It, Always Face It, That's the Way to Get through. Face It!

"Facing it, always facing it, that's the way to get through. Face it." — Joseph Conrad.

My god, my god, what a quote, what a quote. I read this and something in my head went, "Boom." Just when I was feeling like hanging my head and stepping sideways, and letting life pass on by, comes this quote from the author of Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness. Feeling a bit down and despondent. Guess, it will go away. Somethings do not happen the way we want it to.

A relation happened to be coming from the US and I had asked him to bring a gadget along, thinking it would be cheap, easy to pick up there. I said I would reimburse them. Today they came and went, empty handed, and didn't even mention the gadget in passing. Well, relations are relations, and selfish at that. They probably were embarassed to take money from me, or, as the the young generation is fond of saying, "whatever."

I am going to write this a thousand times if need be. I am going to face it, always face it, that's the way to get through. Face it.


vadakkan said...

this makes me wonder...Why didn't you just ask this person in a nice way? I understand you don't want to embarass your guest. However, you would have resolved the issue. Now, you may never know the reason...

This happens a lot in Malayalam movies. People just don't say something...then the problem expands more people get involved..however no one confronts the problem...till the end of the movie - then movie ends and the problem is solved :)

John said...


I guess I didn't want to embarrass my guest.

Yes, I am a great fan of Malayalam movies. The stories are so authentic.