Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Please do not cross rails. It could cost your life!

Posted it below but didn't know how to post it in this format. Well it is an amazing video, reproduced here as "fair use" as it has a social message.


vadakkan said...

is there any blood or body parts involved in this video? I don't want to lose my cool for the next week after seeing this. I have been living a protected life of seeing life from the lens of CNN and BBC's lens. They tend to shy away from close ups of dead bodies. Recently, I saw news on Kirali and surya tv. They don't really care about protecting the viewers from the realities of life. They will give you a closeup of a mangled dead body and the relative crying over it. Its quite disturbing for my CNNized mind.

John said...

Hi Vadakkan,

No there is no blood or gore. But the lady in the video has a narrow escape, nothing happens to her.