Monday, November 13, 2006

Apathy or indifference? Why are we like this only?

I don't know if its apathy, carelessness, or a "what do I care attitude." High technology companies do not bother a bit about how the roads are laid out outside their compounds. I work in a high-tech business area in Andheri East. I go for a walk outside my office  complex every afternoon and what do I find? Rubble, debris, aggregate, dust, huge exposed plastic pipes through which the modern technology's fibre optic cables pass, couple of stones, no, boulders, a trench that hasn't been filled for the past one month, a broken, foul-smelling septic tank, dogs, turds and more turds.And I step ginerly over them every day! Can you imagine?

The companies that skirt these oddities all have well paved compounds, glistening sun-screened glass, chrome, expensive tiles, order and efficiency. Is it apathy or whatchamacallit indifference? Or is the "Gorment" to blame for creating these bubbles that shine and the surroundings that stink? Sorry, even my mind goes blank on a Monday morning. Guess, I will rant about it some other time.

Meanwhile read this poem written by David Israel in reply to my poem for my stolen mobile phone.


Vi said...

Hey John,
Thanks for the comment. I think you're mistaken--although I have Cafetari blogrolled, I am not a group member. I just like to read the different things that is posted on that blog. =)

And, oh, is there a reason your website doesn't open in Firefox? :(

I find it very complexing, too, that you can have such high-rise buildings with modern conveniences placed next to slums and deteriorating enviornment. You'd think that they'd at least have the decency to contribute...

johnpmathew said...

Hi Vi,

Yes, unfortunately my blog isn't Firefox compatible. :(

Yeah, it's a shame that wealth and modernity co-exist in India and don't even try to bridge the gaps.

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