Thursday, April 20, 2006

Salman's Arrest

The talk in the office is all about Salmans arrest. It seems a lot of dirty linen has come out of the dhobi ghaut (washermen's area) because of that. One strident voice says, "This is absurd. he should have been punished for killing those poor footpath dweller but not the cinkaras. This is not fairrr. Five years for killing a cinkara, no, no, no, this isn't fairrr."

"What's this, poor guy, he is so sweet. It happens all the time. These rich people hunt deers all the time. Why Sallu?" She doesn't say, "I am a great fan of his."

"It is full of shit yaar. I don't know why he is being targeted for all ills of society. Give him a break. Poor, poor Sallu."

"Clean the society of these people. Nobody is a bechara (poor man). These people should be taught a lesson."

"Nobody says anything about Jessica Lall killing. Why not arrest them. Because they are connected to politicians? This is targetting celebrities for the sake of publicity."

"Girls of three years are raped, traumatized. Why not do something about it?"

"You know how much he gets paid for every movie? He deserves it. Who does he think he is?"



Chrysallis said...

Was I part of the script? Probably not.

I stay out of such argumentative discussions. I'm a baaaaad debater. Fear instant defeat.

I like discussing, however.
And yes, there's a big difference in the two 'D's...

About Sallu...
As you sow, so you reap.
If not in the Law of the Land...then surely, in the Law of the Lord!

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John said...


I guess you were part of the discussion.

Guess who said, "I like his...."