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Monday, March 13, 2006

A few rambling thoughts!

Dear Blog,

Few rambling thoughts for today. Yes, I am writing this in a letter format, hope you like it. A birthday came and went. Thank you around 12 people who wished me the best on my birthday. Acknowledged everyone of them. And a dear friend posted a birthday tribute on a discussion board. Am touched. Had to go there and acknowledge all of them.

For those who have been clamoring to know what I did on my bidday. Had dinner out with wifey and son at the nearby restaurant called “Shankar Palace.” I was there when the restaurant opened and the owner is a friend, sorry, acquaintance. Those days CBD Belapur was a quiet little place, and I had to walk a mile to get a rickshaw. I had to change twice to get to Colaba where I worked then. Now there are hundreds of rickshaws puttering around, there is an explosion of cars and bikes. Had a quiet evening.

Ronnie rides a Hero Honda CBZ. A nice black one. He has grown and is in first year engineering. Is getting old such a horrible thing? I feel so useless. No, not useless, powerless. Back to my concerns about the environment. Read what Al Gore has to say about the environment trap that we are in. People we need to be responsible with the environment. But, why do we act as if we are a company in liquidation as Al Gore implies in this article?

It’s nineteen years since I came to live in Artist Village. A lot of things have changed since then. Most of the houses have been pulled down to construct bungalows. A neighbor, who recently reconstructed his house walks with his nose in the air. I used to hike in the mountains around Artist Village. I no longer have the time to even go to the nearby dam. So busy these days.

Also the prospect of having a novel published is daunting, no, haunting me now. Wonder why I started writing it in the first place around fourteen years ago. People think I got greedy after Arundhati Roy became such a celebrity after “God of Small Things.” I have been accused of all such things. Never mind. I started writing my novel in 1992 much before she started writing hers. And I am still struggling.

Guess, I will stop here for now. Have a nice day!

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