Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Rape Country" and "CNN Live Videos"

Two things I am dying to write about. Yes absolutely, I must get them out.

Yesterday was “Work to Schedule” (as my blog friend Mumbaiwalla tells me) or some such day and as usual I was working till, you won’t believe it, 10.30 in the night. I happen to get a drop to home at that late hour. There was this Marathi song that was playing on the stereo in the Sumo that was driving me home. Some lyrics of this song goes like this:

Diwasbhar jhopayacha
Ratrabhar karayacha!

Sleep the whole day
And do it the entire night!

As soon as I realized the meaning in my tired and dazed mind I went “Oh! My God!” To that add several such exclamations, not all of them as decent. The “it” in the lyrics is quite obvious.

Come on what is this? Do it the entire night? Are they serious? If this is the kind of lyrics that the Marathi manoos plays on his stereo for inspiration, I hate to think what would be passing through his mind about the pretty women he drives to work every day. No wonder a girl was raped on such a drop in Bangalore. That too in a BPO unit. A driver in another BPO unit used to see porno videos on his MMS mobile phone the entire night as he waited for the shift to end.

Is this a moral corruption issue or what? Is this any pointer to why there are so many rapes happening in India? Or is our sweet and beloved country turning into “Rape country?”

Also see my reaction to Fetcher Monk’s poem on Caferati, again, somewhere in this blog.

CNN beams live videos
Now, coming to the other thing I should get out of my system:

Yesterday I subscribed to CNN’s live videos paying around $ 2 per month. I can have a vast library of news videos online for this measly sum of money. And the best part is no ads.

I guess this is the future of newscasting and newspapers as we know it. I am so, so, so tired of all those ads coming in the twenty-four hour news channels that I guess this is the best way to catch up with what is happening on terra firma.

And the visuals are excellent on streaming video.

Go take a look. I guess CNN should pay me my $ 2 back for promoting them.


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