Tuesday, October 11, 2005



When she smiles she sends happiness
A million pleasant thrills of the heart
To parched souls thirsting for love
In the vast desert of human affairs.

Oh, is there in this world such a heart?
So pure in its expression of joy, smiles
I know not how to thank you dear God
For this wonderful creation of yours.

What makes Muskan’s smile so beautiful?
Is it the deep pain and hurt she is hiding?
Wringing the joys from the sadness of life
Throwing away the bland fiber and rinds.


... said...

I liked your "Auto" post. I actually came across that one on "Caferati". I'm back in India after having spent over five years in the US. And now that I am back, I see India from a completely different perspective. I, like you, find Indian ingenuity amazing. And this is in EVERYTHING they do! The plastic bags that my mom saves; the strained tea powder which is not "thrashed" but smeared over the soil in planted pots as fertilizer; the tiny thrash bins used in the kitchen for such huge families since most of the other "waste" is put to use in some way - all this is quiet imaginative and sometimes funny :-)

I hope to catch a few more of your posts in future since I am waiting to become a member of caferati. I absolutely love reading and I am trying my hand at writing by maintaining a few blogs myself.

Good luck!

John said...

Hi Keya,

Nice to know you enjoyed my article. Do join Caferati and be in touch.

Do give me your blog address.



smilingaway said...

Dear John,

Muskan's smile touched.

Her smile is indeed more beautiful because of the deep pain she hides.

Lovely poem this. Something to get back to every now and then, to remember smiling.


Someone who believes in smiling

Makel said...

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